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English in Theatre and Film Course

The English in Theatre and Film course is aimed at people who want to develop their language skills in order to pursue their career in film and theatre. We have created a course that will allow students to gain confidence in using English on stage, and remove the difficulties of casting or self-taping for foreign productions.

The course is also aimed at those who want to use English in social media or develop their public speaking skills. During the course, we will also work on stage skills and personal development. With the comfort of producing an authentic voice, your communication will also improve. We will also pay attention to your accent so that it is not a problem in pursuit of your artistic dreams.

Improvisation will also be a part of our classes, so you will learn to use English in spontaneous situations. In addition, you will gain confidence in answering questions, and it will allow you to perform acting tasks with confidence and get rid of the stress associated with speaking in English. On the other hand, analysing various types of film scenes and dramatic texts will not only help you enrich your vocabulary, but also get you used to situations where you will be asked to read a script or play a text that you have not dealt with before.

Therefore, if your work or dreams are related to the artistic world, and you wish to realize them in English, we invite you to choose our course. Together, we will partner you on your journey through the world of film and theatre, and support you in learning the language skills needed to turn your dreams into reality.