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Karolina Pawlus

My name is Karolina. I am a teacher of English with over 14 years of experience at all levels. My educational qualifications include a BA degree in teaching English language, an MA degree in English literature, and a postgraduate degree in pedagogical training. I hold CELTA certificate. I also graduated from a film school.

I am constantly developing my interests in film and theatre. At work, I try to implement acting techniques to make teaching more effective and interesting. I am not afraid of challenges and hard work, which is why I opened English Break online language school.

I am always striving to expand my qualifications, because I believe that people learn all their lives.
My dream was to build a school that would bring together students and teachers from all over the world. I want people to broaden their horizons and for English to become a tool that enables them to do so. It is the most beautiful thing in the world to see my students smile when achieving their life goals. That’s why I try not only to be a teacher, but also a friend who can be trusted.

I love travelling, exploring the world, languages and cultures. One of my greatest passions is also writing – I write poetry, short stories and I want to publish my novel one day.

I would like to invite you all to an incredible adventure at my school. We will take you on a journey that you will never forget and that will bring many tangible benefits to your life.

Bonnie Sherer Mubbunu

My name is Bonnie and I am originally from the United States. I have been teaching English as a second language for the past 12 years and have students in France, Germany, Poland, China, Taiwan and the United States. In addition, I have 5 years experience working in the law profession and 10 years working in finance. My main area of expertise is business English and helping business professionals reach their English language goals. I create customized lesson for each of my students catering to what they need and want from the sessions we share. My lessons are NOT “one size fits all.” In addition, I am fully trained and experienced to prepare students for the IELTS, TOEIC and TOFL. I create an atmosphere which takes away the stress of learning a new language , breaks down the barriers that have prevented you from progressing and which allows you to flourish in your English learning experience.

I have taught CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, heads of department, and students working in such fields as: law, finance, human resources, sales, marketing, medical and pharmaceutical , aerospace, nuclear energy, automotive, food services, publishing, software development, research and development, operations, renewable energy, architecture, education and many more. I would love the chance to help you on your English learning journey and help you as you strive to better yourself and open the doors of opportunity that await you.

Dominic Croxford

Hello everyone! My name is Dominic, I am a native English speaker from the United Kingdom, I would like to teach you English! I have a passion for teaching, teaching has been a key part of my life since 2001. My first classroom teaching experience was in 2012 when I worked as part of a team for the West Sussex County Council Adult Education department teaching Music!.

In 2017, I began teaching English in the classroom, whilst traveling I worked at several schools in South Asia, I am now currently teaching English in Italy, in both the classroom and online, teaching students up to IELTS level. In every lesson, I tailor the focus of each session to each individual student’s requirements or preferences, whether the student is learning for fun or business.

I cover a wide range of subjects and always encourage conversation in the lessons to build up each student’s fluency and confidence.

I hope to meet you soon.

Kinga Piotrowska

My name is Kinga, and I’m a certified TEFL teacher with over six years of experience in teaching children, teens and adults. 

I try to make my lessons more interesting than those you remember from school. I would like you to stop associating learning English with a boring responsibility. My main area of teaching is general English and conversational English. You will get a chance to use it in everyday life, in a variety of situations. Although I mainly teach through conversation, I would also like to show you that English grammar is not as scary as they say! It can be easy, it just takes a little while to understand how it works. I will happily guide you through that process!

I plan my lessons and teaching materials so that they are tailored to your expectations, interests and needs. Together we can break the language barrier and prepare for exams. We focus on your needs.

I use my free time to learn new languages, I would like to be fluent in at least a few. The process of learning is nothing new for me! Other than learning languages I’m also interested in beekeeping and weightlifting.

Prudence Sibanyoni

My name is Prudence, and I am a native speaker from South Africa. I have been teaching English for over 10 years and have completed my Bachelor’s degree in English. I am also TEFL-certified.

I have taught passionately for as long as I can remember. I teach people of all ages, my students come from all over the world, including Poland, Serbia, China and Brazil. My main specialization is Business English, but I help my students in many disciplines and tailor my lessons to the needs of the clients. I attach great importance to the communication method so that my students can easily cope with everyday situations and at work.

I love meeting new people and all kinds of challenges that teaching English brings.

Nasir Sadik

My name is Nasir, and I am an English teacher from Bangladesh. I obtained my master’s degree in literature from Titumir University. I run my company – Vtech Solutions, which deals with web design and software. On the other hand, teaching has always been my passion, I have been teaching students of all ages for over 5 years. I think students should feel comfortable in class and enjoy it.

I encourage students to share their questions and opinions in a stress-free and open environment. I try to give them space to discover their own learning style, to promote their interests, and to select suitable materials to absorb the knowledge clearly. It is also very important for me to be in constant contact with the parents of the younger students so that they are aware of their child’s progress. In my spare time, I like to paint and listen to instrumental music. One of my passions in life is literature.

Łukasz Tabisz

My name is Łukasz, I have been an English tutor for five years. I have a bachelor’s degree in English. I have taught all age groups. Teaching has always been one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life. I am creative and innovative in my approach to teaching. I focus on the students and their needs, and I work with materials that I enjoy making.

I value the opportunity to work with people and develop their passions, as well as help them develop their skills in areas such as aviation, philosophy, criminology, psychology and public speaking. Each student is different, special, and unique to me. Working with people gives me the greatest joy. What I also like about my job is that one lesson I am on holiday with my students teaching them about different countries and the next lesson we are at the hospital learning medical vocabulary with future doctors. I am an optimist with a passion for all living creatures, especially dogs. I believe in Nelson Mandela’s words, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Elena Prendžova

My name is Elena Prendžova. I am a Macedonian-native ESL/EFL/ESP teacher with 14 years of teaching experience, holding a BA in ESL teaching and an MA in literature. I have taught and tutored groups of all ages, mixed ability groups, and all-level students. I worked with students of various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, including Slavic, Turkish, Albanian, and Arabic natives. I teach General English, Business English, and Conversational English (levels A1–B2). Moreover, I offer IETLS preparatory lessons and I have prepared 50+ students and 30+ families for the IELTS test, enabling them to pass the test successfully. 

I have also taught Legal English, Law Enforcement English, English for Computer Users, and English Literature at university. I have practiced teaching in both private and public educational institutions. I am a slam poet and a literary translator. Besides teaching, my interests include arts and culture, anthropology, philosophy, psychology, social sciences, and popular science-topics which I incorporate into my curricula.

Ric Hunt

I am an American business English teacher living and teaching in Asia. My educational qualifications include a B.S. degree in computer engineering from the University of South Florida, a 250-hour TESOL diploma, Business English and online teaching certifications from the highly respected Global English School in the UK.

I lived and worked in California’s Silicon Valley for 26 years where I founded a successful software consulting business. Subsequently, I founded a real estate investment company, which I ran for 10 years. Since retiring in 2015, I have pivoted to teaching English overseas. My specialty is teaching adult professionals English that is relevant to their profession. My students include I.T., business, financial, real-estate and medical professionals that need to interface with English speakers in other countries or colleagues.

I love teaching as it is a great way to ‘give back’ to others so they can become more successful and benefit from my many years of experience.

I enjoy travelling, meeting people from diverse cultures, eating strange and exotic foods, drinking good wine, hiking, swimming and bike riding.

Karolina Majdźińska-Nowak

My name is Karolina, and for the past twenty years, I have been an English language teacher. I obtained a master’s degree in specialized languages and translation in English from the Faculty of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw. I am also a master’s degree holder in Russian philology, and I studied both languages at the University of Tromso in Norway, which is located several hundred kilometres above the Arctic Circle. In addition, I have been awarded the title of Microsoft Certified Educator, and I have received the European Language Label for applying innovative teaching techniques in the field of foreign language education and learning.

In my classes, I prioritize creating a pleasant atmosphere, selecting appropriate materials, and I focus, above all, on conversational English. However, I must admit that teaching grammar is also a pleasure for me. Years of work in public schools at various levels have allowed me to draw conclusions about what works in English language learning and what should be avoided. I am also interested in neurodidactics of foreign language teaching, and I strive to incorporate my knowledge on this topic into my classes.

After work, I love cinema, especially Scandinavian TV series and Philomena Cunk. I adore Greece and everything related to it. I hope that we will have the opportunity to discuss these topics and many others during the English Break classes. You are welcome to join!


Agata Rymkiewicz​

My name is Agata and I have been an English teacher for 18 years. I have extensive experience in teaching English at various levels of language proficiency. My adventure with teaching English began when I turned 16 after passing the FCE exam. It was then that I realized that teaching others is what I want to do in life. I also use my passion for foreign languages in translations. 

I got my master’s degree in philology at the University of Gdańsk, specializing in teaching English and Russian. I am constantly developing my skills by participating in conferences and trainings for foreign language teachers.

My specialty is general English but I also have experience in technical language.

I always try to approach students individually during classes and pay attention to their expectations. I will be happy to show you that English is a great adventure and not a boring duty. Thanks to my classes, you can learn English in a pleasant and stress-free atmosphere. I base my teaching on conversations, but I also do not forget about grammar and other skills like reading and listening

In my free time, I like learning foreign languages. I speak English, Russian and German  fluently, for 3 months now I have been learning Italian. I like listening to good music, and I love sitting with a good book on the terrace.