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English Break - Online Language School

Why us?

Our goal is simple: to deliver an engaging, high-quality online English teaching experience
to our students, flexibly, in-line with your needs and lifestyle.

Thanks to our experienced, passionate, and highly qualified teachers, combined with innovative
methods of working, such as design thinking, learning with us is straightforward, pleasant, and engaging.

Whether you are an individual learner or an organisation seeking to boost your business
performance through improving English communication, we will provide you with the skills,
resources, and tools to master English, and realise your personal and professional goals.
Join us and our growing community of learners worldwide. Choose us as your partner for success.

Choose English Break.

You control your time

Learning English through an online school allows you to learn flexibly, anywhere, anytime. Many of our learners, from busy parents to overworked executives and stressed out students, have flourished thanks to online learning. You can access lessons through any device – a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. English Break provides a wide range of study materials and resources, all of which are available online or for download. What’s more, our teachers are little more than a click away.

Optimised, tailored learning at a fair cost

Whether you have enrolled in one of our Business English Courses or an individual course, every English Break student is offered an individually tailored learning plan that fulfils their needs and expectations. For individual learners, we conduct an introductory interview, which will help you to choose the most appropriate course. For larger groups representing organisations, we assess the students’ level and match them with other course participants of similar ability. Thus, we guarantee a relaxed, student-centred learning environment.

Teachers from all over the world

Our team is made up of a diverse group of English experts, both native speakers and non-native, from across the world. With us, you will experience the flavour of distinctive varieties of English accents and dialects. This is a crucial part of learning a language, especially for people who travel a lot for business, working on international markets. Across all facets of English, from fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, our team will bring to bear a century of combined experience in English speaking to support you on your learning journey.

Join an international community that spans the world

You will join a community of fellow learners from every corner of the globe. You will get to listen to their stories as you tell your own, and experience the thrill of making new friends and networks which will open your world to new experiences and cultures. Our small, informal classes provide a pleasant and comfortable space in which you will learn and grow, alongside friends and colleagues.

Contact us!

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e-mail: info@englishbreak.eu

Offered courses:

The English Break Language School offers online foreign languages training
for children, teenagers and adults, as well as companies and institutions.
Excellent and effective native speakers.

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About Us

English Break is my dream coming to life. My idea was willingly joined and supported by a group of friends, originating from various parts of the globe, for whom the English language is not only passion, but also a way to professional fulfilment. It is a way of life. We are one big global family who wish to share their knowledge, experience, and passion.

Language school based in Rzeszów

ENGLISH BREAK is a school of English located in Rzeszów, which offers swift and effective fast-track learning online. The online nature of our courses means that they are available to anyone, regardless of where our students live and whether they are on the move, e.g., on holiday or on business. With us, anyone can participate in an online learning course, be it a resident from Rzeszów or the neighbouring area, or Podkarpacie, or anywhere else in Poland, and any country or continent.


It is for good reason that the city of Rzeszów has been hailed as the capital of innovation. Over the past decade, the city has emerged as an economic-tech hub, and increasingly international brands and leading names in business are setting up shops in the area, particularly those operating in aerospace, renewable energy, and IT. Rzeszów is a place of opportunity, especially for young people who are seeking to build careers in these fields. With ENGLISH BREAK RZESZÓW, we can help streamline your entry into these industries by equipping you with the English communication skills you need to succeed.  


Highly qualified teachers, tutors, interpreters, and translators of English are the foundations upon which English Break is built. Our expert educators come from various countries around the world and have graduated from some of the finest centres of learning in the world. Our team includes people with extensive experience – first of teaching English, and secondly of many other fields and specialities, adding value to our teaching. Importantly – for each of us, English is primarily a passion, and only then a way of life.

We do not say that,
Our students do!

Sabina Kowalczyk Supply Department Manager, Sokołów SA

Learning English doesn't have to be difficult. It is important to have a teacher with an individual approach. This is how Karolina gets the best out of her students. She doesn’t follow the standard teaching methods we hear about in almost every school. Lessons are often carried out in the form of games, which greatly improve the acquisition of knowledge. Karolina uses different sources to make the lessons as attractive as possible and thanks to her commitment, the lessons are never boring. I definitely recommend the lessons with Karolina.

Konrad Olenycz Regional Operations Manager , NordGlass Sp. z o.o.

I use English not only at work but also in my private life, for instance during holidays. We have had lessons with Karolina for more than two years, and I value her for: 1. Showing me that it is possible to learn English effectively. 2. The lessons are very varied, the hour passes very quickly and there is no boredom. 3. The atmosphere and teaching methods make you look forward to the lessons instead of being afraid of them. 4. She is very well-educated and has great experience in teaching. 5. She is very flexible with my schedule. I would like to recommend lessons with Karolina.

Zbigniew Kostka Controlling Director, Sokołów SA

Karolina is a professional teacher, full of commitment and understanding. She has patience of a saint and above all professional approach and a lot of knowledge. She uses excellent, diverse, and tailor-made learning materials. Classes are relaxed but very effective.

Piotr Bąk CEO, Comasal

I have been working with Karolina for several years. I am very satisfied with the way she conducts lessons using different methodology. One of the greatest advantages of lessons with her is adaptation of the topic and the scope of the material to my individual needs. The knowledge, which was imparted in a very professional way, has often contributed to the positive results of discussions with my foreign business partners.

Katarzyna Mędrek Student

Karolina Pawlus has been teaching me for over ten years. I started lessons with her in the second grade of elementary school. Thanks to Karolina, I get very good grades in English, and I won many English competitions. I passed my 8th grade exam at 100%. The lessons are very varied, as Karolina prepares interesting videos, reading texts and exercises in addition to the tasks. For those wanting to pass their exams with flying colours I recommend lessons with Karolina.

Agata Cebulak Dental Surgeon - Primadent

I would like to recommend English lessons with Karolina Pawlus. She is a pro. Every lesson is prepared with the utmost care. It conveys knowledge in an understandable way. Karolina has a great sense of humour. Classes with her take place in a great atmosphere. My English is polished in endless discussions about different, ever-changing topics, and the time I spend in class usually passes too quickly. Learning English with Karolina is a real pleasure.