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English Break - Online Language School

Business English courses

Business English courses have become extremely popular in the market over the past few years. Our school offers business language courses that ensure you will learn the useful, practical English that is needed to communicate with your clients well end effectively. 

Forget about the outdated trend of spam-learning unlimited vocabulary, unhelpful idioms, or grammatical structures that are never really used in corporate language.

We employ teachers who not only teach business English, but who are owners of businesses or have worked for corporations. The knowledge of our teachers is primarily practical, so you will benefit from their experience and learn what you really need in the business world.


Job interviews, negotiation, or presentation techniques; writing emails, responding to customer complaints, sales, marketing, and many other aspects of existence in the business environment: you will get acquainted with all these features of the corporate reality and learn how to successfully operate in the business world thanks to our school.

Success in business is not only about numbers, it is above all about the ability to express yourself in the language. Who can understand this better and pass on such knowledge to you, if not international lecturers who have dedicated their lives to business and have found their passion to teach and share their knowledge?