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Just Speaking Course

Just Speaking courses are an innovative way to improve your speaking skills. Our programme is designed to ensure that the classes are never boring.

Do you like reading books, watching movies, or are you keen on politics? Perhaps you enjoy DIY or cooking? Regardless of your passion, the wide range of topics that we cover will allow you to find something in our courses that matches your interests.

But what is the purpose of this? The answer is simple: to get you started speaking English. It is easier and more engaging to learn something on topics we love. Of course, with time and practice, no topic of conversation will be too difficult for you. You will not be limited only to talk about the weather or hobbies – we want to make sure that everything is within your reach.

Just Speaking courses are weekly meetings aimed at breaking down the language barrier. Each week the lecturer will propose a topic for discussion and the participants will be given material whether in the form of an article, podcast, video or an excerpt from a movie, TV series, or something else the lecturer will suggest.

The students’ task will be to familiarize themselves with the given material. There will be discussion, tasks to perform, and many other interesting activities aimed at developing communication skills. You will see how much joy language learning can bring, especially if it is based on interesting materials and not just textbooks.

This course is also highly recommended for English teachers who feel the need to improve their skills as tools for professional performance. It is often the case that when teaching in state schools, we are forced to go through the same textbook and subject range every year, which is why we propose a form of a language revival, designed to remind you of the joy and beauty of the English language via a wide range of subjects which will stimulate your language skill set.